Eir Ojedea

Grey Jedi Healer


Eir has high force persuasion, high healing and high force shield/force hiding. Intermediate saber skills and has no information on good and bad. Only what will bring more credits for his family business. He has high hopes, low armor, high reflexes and in good shape. He looks like Chris Pratt with his sense of humor.


Born on Thyferra, Eir Ojadea was on his way to the Jedi Temple at age four. The emperor had the clone troopers execute order sixty six and his guardian, Jason skyrith took him in and hid him with his force sensitivity tight to him by Lord Windu before the lords fall to the dark side. Jason trained Eir in force healing, force hiding and force persuasion giving him excellent use of those two powers. Jason was in the process of teaching Eir series techniques before his company of Bacta trading received an order for a large batch of Bacta to a distant planet. His life has been busy and he has no love interests yet. He wishes to be the best healer in the galaxy and one day take over what he thinks is his families business. He has no enemies…… Yet….. His destiny would change forever.

Eir Ojedea

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